Month: August 2018

API Functional Tests with Cucumber and Rest-assured

API Functional Tests with Cucumber and Rest-assured On projects where multiple systems undergo development at the same time, it’s crucial to maintain a clear picture of how they should interact. We commonly have a back-end system providing a REST API to multiple front-ends (browsers, mobile apps, chatbots, IoT, etc.). Because it will likely change over

Integrate Cucumber framework with QMetry

Integrate Cucumber framework with QMetry Introduction Cucumber is one of the tools for running automated tests. It combines business specification and test documentation into one – which results into executable specification. Due to this collaboration, it encourages teams to keep their organization’s business goals in center. Automated testing through Cucumber helps teams avoid heavy regressions

Six way to learn coding

Six way to learn coding It’s not easy to learn to code, sometimes you need someone help, sometimes you need to found the super power from you body.  But in the end you will learn to code like a god. Bellow you will found some ways to learn programming. 1. Make coding your hobby I’ve

Seven Kinds of Testers

Seven Kinds of Testers Most of my work is teaching, coaching, and evaluating testers. But as a humanist, I want to apply the Diversity Heuristic: our differences can make us a stronger team. That means I can’t pick one comfortable kind of tester and grade people against that template. On the other hand, I do see

Introduction intro Cucumber Reports

Introduction intro Cucumber Reports After a test Execution we need to generate a useful test report, cucumber provides some good functional for us. It is also require to understand the out put of the execution. Whether it is Manual execution or an Automated, the output of the same has to be in format, which immediately

Generate pretty test execution report

In this post we will show how to generate a pretty report after cucumber test execution. Using technology: Maven Java 8 Cucumber 1.2.5 First of all you need to add following library in your pom.xml file: <dependency> <groupId>net.masterthought</groupId> <artifactId>cucumber-reporting</artifactId> <version>3.19.0</version> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>com.github.mkolisnyk</groupId> <artifactId>cucumber-report-generator</artifactId> <version>1.3.4</version> </dependency> After that you will need to do some changes in